Phone lessons

Understand and comprehend even over the phone

We offer lessons in:

 united kingdom flag English,

german flag German,

french flag French,

italian flag Italian,

russian flag Russian,

spanish flag Spanish,

czech flag Czech for foreigners.

Whenever and wherever

Phone call duration is 10 minutes, a call length anyone can make room for. 


You can phone from home, during your lunch break or on your way to work.

Teaching topics

Choose from general or subject-specific topics. For example:

  • my hobbies and unconventional leisure activities,
  • making orders and returns by phone,
  • invitations to interviews via phone (learn the typical questions asked by human resource departments).

Phone lessons pricelist:

3x 10 minutes per week: CZK 2,000 per month

5x 10 minutes per week: CZK 3,200 per month

Save time and money with phone lessons. For a non-binding order or more information, click the link below.



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Anyone can handle 10 minutes a day!

Lessons over the phone are ideal for:

  • anyone who is afraid of answering phone calls with an international dialling code
  • for busy individuals who want to improve their foreign language skills,
  • for those who attend traditional courses but would also like to polish their conversation skills,
  • for those at level A2 or higher. (Not sure about your language level? Test your knowledge with our online test.)


What are some other benefits of phone lessons?

  • You receive regular lessons anywhere, anytime.
  • Faster progress in your communication skills of your chosen language – thanks to intensive foreign language conversations lasting 10 minutes, your communication skills are sure to quickly improve.  
  • Feedback – after the phone call ends, you will get a list of vocabulary from the call in a text message.
  • Thanks to phone lessons, you won’t be afraid to answer international calls. Conversations with our teachers will give you confidence to speak in a foreign language over the phone and these phone calls will cease to be a problem for you.
  • You will be able to speak spontaneously on any given topic in a foreign language.
  • You can also practise your already acquired vocabulary, but above all you will learn new words that will come up in these conversations.