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What you will gain from the exam?

  • An internationally recognised certificate
  • Reliable and accurate results
  • A certificate valid for 2 years
  • You cannot fail to master the exam, you will always succeed! You will receive your results on a point scale, depending on how far you get in the test
  • All ETS language exams from B1 level replace the profile part of the graduation exam in English

Exam types

  • TOEFL Junior: English for students 11+,
  • TOEIC BridgeTOEIC S&W  and TOEIC L&R: English in the workplace – takes into consideration the requirements of international employers for employees’ language skills
  • TFI: French in the workplace

What does the exam entail?

  • TOEFL Junior: 3 parts: reading and listening comprehension, language form and meaning (110 minutes)
  • TOEIC Bridge: 2 parts: reading and listening comprehension (60 minutes)
  • TOEIC S&W: 2 parts: speaking and writing (80 minutes)
  • TOEIC L&R: 2 parts: reading and listening comprehension (120 minutes)
  • TFI: 2 parts: reading and listening comprehension (110 minutes)


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(includes the exam and score report)

  • TOEFL Junior: from CZK 1,930 VAT incl.,
  • TOEIC Bridge and TOEIC L&R: from CZK 2,995 VAT incl.,
  • TOEIC S&Wfrom CZK 3,827 VAT incl.,
  • TFI: from CZK 2,995 VAT incl.

Exam schedule

The places and dates of the nearest exams are as follows:

TOEIC Listening and Reading
  • Plzeň 5/6/2020

  • Zlín 12/6/202017/7/202018/9/2020

  • Brno 18/9/2020


Cambridge English

What you will gain from the course?

  • An internationally recognised certificate
  • Reliable and accurate results
  • A certificate with lifetime validity
  • A student who does not succeed in a taken exam for the selected level will receive a certificate confirming the lower level achieved, and vice versa
  • Certificates at the level of Cambridge Preliminary or higher replace the profile part of the graduation exam from English

Exam types?

What does the exam entail?

  • Cambridge Preliminary: 3 parts: Reading & Writing, Listening, Speaking (140 minutes)
  • Cambridge First: 4 parts:  Reading & Use of English, Writing, Listening, Speaking (210 minutes)
  • Cambridge Advanced: 4 parts:  Reading & Use of English, Writing, Listening, Speaking (240 minutes)


(exam, score report and certificate)

  • Cambridge Preliminary: from CZK 2,790 VAT incl.,
  • Cambridge First: from CZK 4,290 VAT incl.,
  • Cambridge Advanced: from CZK 4,390 VAT incl.

List of seven reasons:

1) Development of real language skills (in English).

2) Exams for a wide spectrum of levels and uses.

3) The exams are accepted by employers, immigration authorities and schools worldwide.

4) Full material and teaching support during preparation for the exam.

5) An international exam available worldwide.

6) Secure, reliable, fair.

7) Supported by global research.

Exams with a discount

If you purchase one of the preparatory courses from us, you will receive a discount when you take the Cambridge Exams.

  • Cambridge Preliminary (PET): CZK 700 discount
  • Cambridge First (FCE): CZK 1,000 discount
  • Cambridge Advanced (CAE): CZK 1,000 discount

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