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Skřivánek s.r.o., Company ID No: 60715235, registered seat: Na dolinách 153/22, CZ 147 00 Prague, processes the personal data of natural persons in accordance with the current Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (hereinafter referred to as "the Regulation"), which, as of 25 May 2018, supplements the existing Act No 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data within Czech law. Please read the Personal Data Processing Principles.

Our timeline

Skřivánek s.r.o., is the largest language agency in the Czech Republic with offices in 18 towns and cities across the country. Our company operates in 15 countries throughout the world. The number of offices we have, the number of satisfied customers, and the volume of revenue we generate all combine to rightly rank us as one of the largest language agencies in Central and Eastern Europe.

For more than 20 years we are collecting the experience and the knowledge.

  • 6.—8. 9. 2019

    V roce 2019 se firemní víkend pro zaměstnance konal v Hotelu Luna na Vysočině. Skřivánčí zaměstnanci si tak mohli užít krásnou přírodu, welness, zábavné a zajímavé aktivity v podobě discgolfu nebo her v rámci teambuildingu, jógu, zasloužený odpočinek a hlavně společnost svých kolegů, které v průběhu roku moc často nevídají, jelikož Skřivánčí pobočky jsou po celé České republice a zaměstnanci se tak setkávají zřídka. 


  • 20. 7. 2019

    Slavíme 25 let od založení!


  • 23. 5. 2019

    Opět jsme v Top 50 největších jazykových agentur světa

    Nezávislá výzkumná a konzultantská organizace Common Sense Advisory zařadila společnost Skřivánek s.r.o. mezi největší celosvětové poskytovatele jazykových služeb. Společnost Skřivánek obsadila krásnou 43. pozici mezi největšími jazykovými agenturami na světě.

    csa badge 2019

  • 6. 4. 2019

    RUN for ProCit 2019

    V roce 2019 jsme opět podpořili Občanské sdružení ProCit, z.s., které pomáhá rodinám s autistickými dětmi. Na podporu těchto rodin byl uspořádaný již čtvrtý ročník charitativního rodinného běhu RUN for ProCit 2019.

    logo RUN for ProCit

  • 1. 7. - 31. 8. 2018

    Summer series in Lidové Noviny

    It was our third time preparing the Lidové Noviny summer series, in which readers can make use of current articles that are both interesting to read and for use when practising their English.

  • 24. 6. 2018

    We remain among the Top 50 largest language agencies worldwide

    The independent Common Sense Advisory research and consultancy organisation evaluated Skřivánek s.r.o. as one of the world’s leading players in the field of translations. We are first among the TOP 25 companies in the Eastern Europe category and occupy 44th place in the global rankings.


  • 1. - 3. 6. 2018

    Company weekend at Všemina Activity Park in the very heart of Wallachia.

    A weekend full of fun, relaxation and especially active rest.


  • 2. 4. 2018

    RUN for ProCit 2018

    We supported RUN for ProCit (3rd annual charitable run supporting autistic children) again in 2018.

    logo RUN for ProCit

  • 16. 9. 2017

    Skrivanek Once Again Ranked Among the Top 50 Global Language Agencies

    The survey of the Language Services Market: 2017 by CSA placed Skrivanek Group amongst the largest language agencies in the world. As in previous year, Skrivanek Group reached 42nd position.

    CSA Badge 2017

  • 17. 6. 2017 - 21. 7. 2017

    Summer with languges in Lidové noviny  

    30 lesson of English and German using entertaining life stories from the life of English/ German couple in the Czech Republic. Do the views of Emma and Alex regarding Czech culture differ? Who do they cheer for in football? Bayern Munich, Liverpool, or perhaps Sparta?

  • 1. 6. 2017

    International Language Symposium, Brno

    The representatives of our language school joined the International Language Symposium in Brno. They met with their guru Jeremy Harmer and gained a lot of new ideas how the increase the effectivity of language courses.

  • 19. 5. 2017 - 21. 5. 2017

    Skrivanek weekend: Deštná

    All employees of Skrivanek spent a beautiful weekend together in holiday resort Deštná, in Orlické mountains. We really enjoyed it!


  • 13. 4. 2017

    New web Skrivanek 

    We launched new company webpage.

  • 4. 2. 2017

    RUN for ProCit 2017

    We organized already the 2nd family run RUN for ProCit to support the children with autism. Almost 500 runners enjoyed this sport event and we managed to collect great 70.000 CZK as a financial support for ProCit.  

    logo RUN for ProCit

  • 20. 11. 2016

    CodedeCode: the competition for young translators

    We are looking for new talents amongst the Czech students. Different topics, different texts to be translated from Czech to different languages! All must be done in 24 hours!

  • 10. 12. 2016

    We help the world to understand !

    We have a new corporate video, where a square is able to communicate with a triangle! 


  • 8. 9. 2016

    The Top 2016 Language Service Providers

    We reached 42nd position amongst the biggest world language providers!

    CSA Badge 2016

  • 20. 5. 2016

    We are looking for talented lecturers!

    Are you interested in new teaching methods and in discovering creative techniques which are not yet known? Join us in our inventive mission! try out our new competition for future lectures of English language!

  • 12. 12. 2015

    Merry Christmas from Skrivanek!

    Christmas wish for the lectures of our language school.


  • 11. 10. 2015

    Opening of Effecto academy for our lectures

    We launched a new education project for our lectures: the Effecto academy. It contains the extensive series of educative seminars and webinars. The main goal is to increase the competitive advantage of our language school by increasing the qualification of our lectures. 

  • 9. 3. 2015

    Skrivanek e-test

    We launched Skrivanek e-test as a unique testing tool, which enables to test completely your language skills. This testing tool was developed thanks to the financial support of European Union.

  • 10. 9. 2014

    How to set up a business meeting in English?

    In cooperation with we prepared the course of business English.

  • 15. 7. 2014

    You will never get lost with minidictionary from Skrivanek.

    We created the set of minidictionaries for MF Dnes newspapers. 

  • 6. 9. 2014

    100 Czech brave men and women with Skrivanek

    For radio station Český rozhlas we ensured the language correction for the book in the project 100 Czech brave men.The book was published within 24 hours from radio interviews with 100 Czech brave men and women.

  • 3. 2. 2014

    Carnival season begins.

    Skrivanek’s new branch sends greetings from Brazil!

  • 9. 12. 2013

    We have translated the entire Svět 2013 publication.

    We translate 291 pages of economic texts for this annual publication of the Economia publishing company. With our team of 15 translators, proofreaders and consultants, we can manage a large volume in a short time.  

  • 2. 9. 2013


    We are pleased to introduce a unique method of teaching foreign languages called Effecto, which is based on the belief that communicating is far more important than just being able to recite grammar rules.

  • 5. 6. 2013

    The Top 100 Language Service Providers

    In the Top 100 Language Service Providers ladder, we have clearly gained first place in the number of affiliates with our 45 branches in 12 countries worldwide. Globally, we made 35th place!

  • 1. 1. 2013

    Long Live the Queen!

    We found a branch in Great Britain.

  • 1. 10. 2012

    Your data are safe with us!

    We have earned certification of our information safety management system in accordance with standard ČSN ISO/IEC 27001.

    ISO 27001

  • 1. 1. 2012

    Reconstruction of Prague branches.

    The reconstructed branch on Washingtonova Street in Prague 1 offers multi-media equipped classrooms with a comfortable library, featuring a view of Riegerovy sady park and a cafe corner. Our branch in Prague 4 has improved its spaces for translation and interpreting clients.

  • 3. 10. 2011

    We’re green!

    We have successfully implemented an environmental management system in accordance with the EN ISO 14001 standard.

    ISO 17001

  • 1. 5. 2011

    We have again finished in The Top 100 Language Service Providers.

    In terms of business results for 2010 and our overall share of the market, we have placed in 31st place among leading language agencies worldwide. We are among the largest providers in the world thanks to our number of branches.

  • 4. 1. 2010

    With Max you will gain maximum opportunities!

    We are starting a bonus programme for our clients.

  • 3. 1. 2009 - 18. 2. 2009

    We ski big time.

    For the TV news channel ČT24 we ensure simultaneous interpreting to and from English and to and from German during the holding of the World Championship in Classic Skiing in Liberec.

  • 1. 1. 2008


    We become a member of the Association of Language Schools and agencies (AJŠ). The mission of AJŠ is to perfect language education in Czech regions and to develop the activities and professional prestige of its members.

    Logo AJŠ

  • 5. 1. 2006

    We are in the top twenty in the world.

    This year for the first time we won 19th place in the ladder The Top 100 Language Service Providers, which is put together by Common Sense Advisory, an independent research and consulting organization based in the United States. 

  • 1. 1. 2005

    We co-found the Association of Czech Translation Agencies (ACTA)

    ACTA is an association of legal entities involved in translation and interpreting services. Since the date of its founding, ACTA has been a member of the EU Association of Translation Agencies, which encompasses European national associations of translation agencies.

  • 1. 1. 2005

    We’re across the ocean!

    We open our first U.S. branch in New York. Welcome!

  • 1. 1. 2004

    Germany, Belgium and Estonia

    Skrivanek has not forgotten to expand its presence to include other states on its journeys through the EU.

  • 1. 1. 2003

    We head out globally in 2003 as well…

    to our neighbours in Slovakia and to Lithuania, Latvia and distant China.

  • 1. 10. 2002

    We place emphasis on quality.

    We were one of the first Czech companies in our sector to introduce a quality management system according to the EN ISO 9001 standard.

    ISO 9001/ 14001

  • 1. 1. 2002

    Czech national heritage

    We translate marketing documents and interpret into English for the brewer Plzeňský Prazdroj a.s.

  • 1. 1. 2002

    Spolupráce s Panasonic

    Zajišťujeme multipřeklady smluv a technických návodů do více než 24 jazyků pro společnost Panasonic AVC Networks Czech, s.r.o.

  • 1. 1. 2000

    We cherish the beauties of Sofia!

    That is the reason why we are establishing the subsidiary in Bulgaria. 

  • 1. 1. 1999

    A network of language schools is established under the Skrivanek brand.

    You can find our branches throughout the Czech Republic.

  • 1. 1. 1999

    Beautiful Ljubljana

    Slovenia is a small country, where you will find everything. Mountains, sea, lakes, picturesque villages, elegant towns, and a new branch of course.

  • 1. 1. 1997

    Jesteśmy bardzo szczęśliwi… We’re in Poland!

    We found the first Polish branches.

  • 20. 7. 1994

    We’re in the world!

    Founded as Překladatelský servis skřivánek s.r.o. Our team consists of three people - the owner Pavel Skřivánek and two employees.