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Wide range of languages and levels

We offer classes in:

united kingdom flag English,

german flag German,

french flag French,

italian flag Italian,

russian flag Russian,

spanish flag Spanish,

czech flag Czech for foreigners.

Language levels:

A1 to C2 - we teach complete beginners to advanced students, from basic English to business French and preparations for international certificates.

Time of lessons:

online lessons are flexible. It is therefore up to you and your teacher to decide on the time that suits you best. 


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Learn languages from the comfort of your own home!



What are the benefits of online language lessons and how to prepare for them?

Online language lessons offer many more benefits that one might initially assume.

  • You save time – you don’t have to travel to the classroom, you learn from the comfort of your own home, or if you are having a class while at work, from your conference room or office.
  • Greater flexibility – since neither you nor your teacher have to arrive at any location, there are greater options with regard to teaching times. Want to have your lesson in the morning before you head off to work? Or would you prefer to clear your head after work with a language class later in the day? For Skype or Webex lessons, this is no problem at all! Does your job require you to spend many days away on business, making traditional classroom lessons impossible? Online lessons are not restricted by your location: you and your teacher are just a Skype call away.
  • Improve your IT skills – while Skype and Webex do not require any advanced IT skills, it is still good to know how to work effectively with these tools, knowledge that will look good on your CV along with your language capabilities.
  • Communicative and interactive lessons – Skype and Webex lessons offer an ideal opportunity to try out your ability to host video conference calls in the target language. We have also prepared for you many interactive online exercises, speaking practice exercises, listening, writing and reading. Online classes will therefore be at least comparable to the effectiveness of traditional classroom lessons. Skřivánek Language School applies the principles of the Effecto method emphasising communication and the practical and real use of language.
  • A final tip – if you are worried that online lessons will not suit you or that it is simply too impersonal, then give it a try with just a few lessons at the start to see if we can’t change your mind! And don’t be afraid of missing lessons. Simply reserve a fixed time on your calendar for online lessons, just as you would for a classic class. Non-verbal communication is easily replaced by a webcam and the tone of your teacher’s voice.