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New company website

Skrivanek has launched a new Czech website. More than 20 other language versions will also get a new look.

Prague, 30 April 2017

The Skrivanek Language Agency has redesigned its website. Following the change to its Czech website, all of its versions in other languages will be changed as well. The purpose of the change is mainly to improve the ability to find information for B2Bcustomers and to support sales. The agency Proof & Reason s.r.o. is responsible for the redesign.

Skrivanek’s new website is reacting not only to the need to address different B2B and B2C target groups as well as to manage over two dozen language versions worldwide.

“The main purpose of the new website is to make orientation easier. This is so that each visitor understands that we are a supplier of complex services both for the entire company and for individuals and entire families, for which it has been necessary to adapt the structure and contents of the website,” explains Bronislava Chudobová, Skrivanek’s director.

Within two months new Slovak (.sk) and English (.com) versions of the website will also be launched for communication on global markets. In later months we will add additional versions focused on other foreign markets, such as the Polish, Hungarian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, German, Lithuanian, Belgian, Estonian, British, U.S., Russian, Austrian, Latvian, Danish, Swiss, Romanian, Swedish, Dutch and Spanish markets. “The new website design for Skrivanek has been proposed based on extensive user research, including ongoing user testing. It has currently been launched in a minimalistic form, which in the weeks to come will be expanded to the planned final version. The technological web is being driven by Drupal CMS 8, which enables the client as needed to work absolutely independently of us as suppliers and provides foreign branches with free discretion for the further development of local variants of websites,” explains Tomáš Lzák, CEO of Proof & Reason s.r.o.

Individual websites will also be administered by individual foreign branches. Other important activities will take place in connection with the launch of the new website versions, including optimisation for search engines and review and launch of PPC advertising activities.

The new website was designed based of an analytical project with took several months and was also carried out by Proof & Reason.